Predictable Prosthesis on Implants – Key points and techniques

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This book collects the key points and necessary techniques to get started in the world of dental prosthesis.

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Implant-mounted prosthetics is, more often than not, complex, therefore deciding which option is the right one, or the one most suited to the characteristics of both the case and the patient, is complicated.

In this book, we summarise the prosthetic options and simplify the clinical practice guide with the aim to attain the right aesthetics together with an excellent passive fit and hermetic seal, in order to achieve, following a protocol which is explained step by step, a successful treatment even in the most complicated of cases.

This way, implant-mounted prosthetics becomes easier, without compromising excellence and predictability.

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Title Predictable Prosthesis on Implants - Key points and techniques

Eduardo Anitua Aldecoa

1. Biomechanics: Essential concepts

2. Bioblock®: Biological and biomechanical concept

3. Single unit and multiple prosthesis. The central role of the transepithelial abutment in the Bioblock® concept

4. Screw-retained prosthesis vs cementedretained prosthesis. Analysis of their predictability and hermetic sealing

5. Single unit screwretained prosthesis with Unit® transepithelial abutment

6. Single unit prosthesis screw-retained directly on the implant using an aesthetic abutment

7. Multiple screwretained prosthesis with Multi-Im® transepithelial abutment

8. Cement-retained Prosthesis. An abutment for every situation

9. Full mouth rehabilitation

10. Harmonising the screw-retained prosthesis