A biological approach to implantology

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“A Biological Approach to Implantology” provides the clinician with the opportunity to incorporate numerous protocols and accesible techniques of immediate implantology to an everyday practice.

As its title states, all chapters are focused on trying to make the clinician understand the importance of having into account the biological response of the tissues whenever a tisular regeneration stragety is applied.

A 300 page book, filled with excellent quality infographics, aimed to become a reference book both for general implantologists and for specialists.

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Title A biological approach to implantology

Eduardo Anitua Aldecoa

Edition’s year 2012
Nº of pages 317
Nº of illustration 610

  1. Biology of bone tissue
  2. Role of platelets in hemeostasis ans tissue repair
  3. What is PRGF?
  4. Blood extraction
  5. Procedure for obtaining PRGF
  6. Surface engineering
  7. Animal testing
  8. Clinical studies: pioneering work
  9. Treatment of post-extraction socket
  10. Biological drilling and implant preparation
  11. Ridge expansion
  12. Vertical growth
  13. Sinus lift
  14. Using PRGF in periodontics
  15. PRGF in other areas of medicine