Surgical manual – Oral implantology

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This surgical manual presents a summary of basic information on applied anatomy and biological concepts regarding osseointegration; it also analyses reabsorption patterns and how to tackle them, as well as the importance of selecting the implant that best fits each situation for an appropriate treatment plan.

In short, this book aims to be a reference manual for clinicians, either those who are new to implant treatments or those who perform them regularly, helping them to draw up logical and predictable protocols for their surgeries.

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Title Surgical manual - Oral implantology

Eduardo Anitua Aldecoa

Edition’s year 2013
Nº of pages 371
Nº of illustration More than 550

  1. Anatomy applied to implant surgery
  2. Osseointegration, bone regeneration
  3. Edentulism, reasorption patterns
  4. Consultation and equipment
  5. The implant: surface
  6. Patient selection
  7. Implantology in medically compromised patients
  8. Digital tomography as a diagnostic tool
  9. Basic concepts of biomechanics
  10. Choice of implant
  11. Treatment plan
  12. Clinical procedure: anaesthesia, incisions and sutures
  13. Clinical procedure: biological drilling, the use of PRGF in implantology
  14. Sedation and medication
  15. Management of the soft tissues in the second surgical phase
  16. Safe surgery: concepts and guidelines. Complications arising form oral surgery