Learning to breathe better

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This book teaches us how to improve the way that we breathe and to be aware of a process that is usually involuntary and uncontrolled by most people. Being aware of the importance of breathing for our body is crucial to achieve the motivation needed to start working on improving the process and achieve the proposed change.

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Although breathing is absolutely necessary, we pay little attention to it on a dailybasis. Breathing goes unnoticed except when, on rare occasions, as in the case of almost everything else in this life, we notice it because there is a problem.

We should all be more aware of our breathing and of how crucial it is to breathe appropriately so as to improve many aspects of our daily life and ultimately increase our overall quality of life.

However, the intention of this book is not only to serve as a manual to learn how to breathe better and to re-educate nose breathing, but also to serve as an aid to live a fuller life by being aware of our unconscious acts and participants of our involuntary acts. In short, it makes us owners of our vital rhythm and gives us back the ability to act on our entire body by starting with its essential functions: BREATHING.



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Title Learning to breathe better

Eduardo Anitua Aldecoa

1. Breathing
2. Control of the breathing process
3. Breathing and sleep
4. Breathing and physical exercise
5. Breathing and relaxation
6. Learning to breathe through the nose: respiratory rehabilitation