Sleep – Normality and illness

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Patients who fall asleep during the day or who have significant difficulty focusing their attention may be suffering from one of the almost 90 illnesses related to sleep. On many occasions these patients do not know that they are actually suffering from an illness that probably has an effective treatment if diagnosed properly. Healthy sleep, in addition to being a vital need, is a right of all citizens.

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Sleep-related illnesses should receive the same sympathy and understanding from the general population as any other.

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Title Sleep - Normality and illness

Eduardo Anitua Aldecoa,

Joaquín Durán-Cantolla

Edition’s year 2015
Nº of pages 69
Nº of illustration 14

  1. Introduction
  2. Sleep: an overview
    - What is sleep?
    - What is sleep for?
    - What are dreams?
    - Sleep as a habit
    - How much should I sleep?
  3. Sleep at different ages
    - Sleep in children
    - Sleep in adolescents
    - Sleep in adults
    - Sleep in old age
  4. Respiratory problems during sleep
    - Snoring
    - Why do we snore?
    - Can snoring be significant?
    - How is snoring treated?
    - Sleep apnoea
    - What makes us suspect sleep apnoea?
    - How is sleep apnoea diagnosed?
    - Sleep and teeth Sleep apnoea in bruxism
  5. Sleep apnoea: when and how it is treated?
    - Does sleep apnoea have treatment and is it effective?
    - Treatment of sleep apnoea with hygiene and dietary measures
    - Treatment with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
    - Treatment of sleep apnoea with mandibular advancement devices (MAD)
    - Treatment of sleep apnoea with surgery
    - Sleep apnoea in children
  6. Insomnia
    - What is insomnia?
    - Is all insomnia the same?
    - How and when to treat insomnia
    - When should I consult a specialist?
  7. Circadian rhythm disorders
    - What are circadian rhythms?
    - What are circadian rhythm disorders?
    - How is it diagnosed?
    - How are circadian rhythm disorders treated?
    - Cognitive-behavioural therapy in circadian disorders
    - Pharmacological therapy for circadian disorders: Melatonin
    - Light as a therapy
  8. Other sleep pathologies
    - There are more than 90 sleep pathologies
    - Narcolepsy
    - Idiopathic diurnal hypersomnia
    - Periodic limb movement and restless legs syndrome
    - Eating disorders during sleep
    - Parasomnias
    - Parasomnia related to waking: sleepwalking and night terrors
    - Parasomnias in the sleep-wake transition: rhythmic movements, somniloquy
    - Parasonmnias related to REM sleep: nightmares, sleep paralysis, behavioural disorder associated with REM
    - Other parasomnias: nocturnal enuresis, sexomnia
    - Sexomnia