Short and Extra-Short implants

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In this book, exclusively dedicated to short implants, all the necessary subjects for its use in daily clinical practice are addressed. Biomechanical information on the performance of these implants, the importance of their surface, concepts about specific drilling guidelines for implant placements and a summary of the elaboration method of the prosthesis is summarized.

In addition, specific and novel techniques for the treatment of vertical atrophy in the maxilla and mandible are detailed.

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Title Short and Extra-Short implants

Eduardo Anitua Aldecoa

Edition’s year 2018
Nº of pages 341
Nº of illustration More than 300

  1. Bone atrophy of the alveolar process. Mechanisms and prevention
  2. Surgical solutions for vertical bone atrophy
  3. The evolution of the short implant
  4. The biomechanics of the short implant
  5. Bioblock®: a new concept of the implant-prosthesis assembly that multiplies the potential of short implants
  6. Short and extra-short implants with the unicca® surface
  7. Surgical and prosthetics aspects for developing a treatment plan with short implants
  8. Short implants in superior maxilla
    - Transalveolar sinus elevation
  9. Short implants in the mandible
    - Treatment of severe vertical mandibular atrophy
  10. Prosthetic considerations
    - Screw-retained prostheses
    - Cemented prostheses
  11. Predictability of treatment with short and extra-short implants
  12. Epilogue